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This site is terrific! For years it was very hard for me to go to the amud when asked to daven kabbalos shabbos. after practicing some of the tunes heard here, it is still is not easy, but at least I don't sweat as much as I used to and at least don't look nervous on the outside.


I find your website absolutely unbelievable. I can find songs here that I`ve been trying to sing for a long time.

Thank you for posting some true gems on Shir HaLev.
I was so excited to find the Bobov Baruch Kel Elyon on there. It's a true chesed that site.

love shirhalev, it has transformed my shabbos. My wife suddenly thinks her husband is a singer :)...

This site is a blessing more than I can thank you for. I don’t have the immediate opportunity to learn at a yeshiva, so thank you!

Amazing, marvelous, terrific, inspiring, fabulous, joyful, magnificent.
Wow!!!!!!! I’ve already passed it on to various outreach Rabbis.

The site is excellent. Easy to use and navigate.

The site is well organized and very easy to navigate.

Downloads function well making it very easy to listen to a prayer or song.

I plan to use it to learn prayers and zemirot that I am not familiar with.

By playing the MP3 files over and over again, it will be very easy to use

them as a learning tool in conjunction with a siddur.

I’m very impressedYou’ve found the part of yiddishkeit where I’m still struggling.

What a GREAT site and a great idea!
Thank you for providing me a way to learn the songI hear so often, but still do not know.

The ShirHalev.com site is great and it was a long time coming.

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